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A customized service

Condominium management should not be a headache

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À La Carte Condo has a team of experienced real estate professionals in management, negotiation and implementation of projects. We offer a wide range of services.

Maintenance and Operations

With our extensive network, we help you select professional contractors and suppliers, get the best bids and monitor them in their On-site performance
(required for preservation of the building).

Project execution

Repairing a roof, re-paving a parking lot or even getting a government grant for a renovation project is not simple. Let us work for your best interests.

You won’t be disappointed.


"Having been the President of a condominium association for the past 12 years, we have worked with no fewer than four management firms. À la carte Gestion Condo is, by far, the most efficient of the four. There is no comparison possible. The professionalism and commitment of Toni, Bruna, and their team are so superior to the three previous ones! Forget about the others, you won't find better!"

Richard Comtois

"I am one of the founding committee members of the condo syndicate at our 3 year old 27 unit condo building. I can say that we count our blessings that we were introduced to and hired “À La Carte Gestion Condo” right out of the starting gate. It was an ideal choice, we have greatly benefited from the expertise of Toni, Bruna and their team. They have proved invaluable in ensuring that we are set up with a strong financial position and have set the stage for an efficient running building. As we are a new construction, we have had our share of contractor issues for which Toni and team, without hesitation, stepped in to help out. They continue to assist us as issues arise - many times going beyond the scope of their contractual responsibilities. In this current condo ownership environment, we worry about the stability of our initial investment, the long term security of our investment, the ever changing laws for condo ownership and, especially, the annual per unit cost associated with our investment. This is where choosing responsible co-owners to represent you and assist the administrator is key but, most importantly, is to have the most appropriate administrator. This administrator will be - •current with all respective laws, •accurate and timely with preparing financials, •ensuring proper maintenance and function of your building, •working with an electronic data base accessible by the committee members for all building documents, •software able to provide owners access to all relative information and an option to submit feedback, requests and/or questions and, •most importantly, accessible and available when you need them. Without hesitation, I (we) strongly recommend Toni, Bruna and their team as the solid foundation for your group. This will be your other best investment in condo living!"

Antonietta Lapolla and team

"In 2019, I was elected as an administrator and manager of the condominium association where I live. For over a year, I administered the association to the best of my knowledge. I quickly realized that the task was fraught with enormous difficulties. I needed the support of a dedicated team that understood the challenges I was facing. "ALC Condo fully answered the questions I had. Even better, they accepted the role of managing the association. I am relieved that professionals have taken on the burden that was not mine. They take care of everything. From sourcing contracts with the tradespeople we need to engage for maintenance and repairs when required, to all administrative aspects. Thank you ALC Condo!"

Sandra Beaudoin

"A Fresh Start with A La Carte Gestion Condo When I moved into my condo for the first time, I was eager to learn about property management and decided to join the board. Unfortunately, working with the previous property manager revealed a lack of transparency and organization. Maintenance requests were delayed or ignored, communication was unclear, and frustrations among co-owners mounted. The financial situation was not very clear. Thankfully, the board made a pivotal decision—to replace the existing property manager with A La Carte Gestion Condo. Toni, Bruna, and their team wasted no time. They audited past practices, prioritized corrective actions, and educated the board on sound property management practices. Since Toni and the team took charge, remarkable changes have occurred: Transparency Reinvented: In stark contrast to the past, Toni and Bruna wholeheartedly embrace transparency. Updates on issues and decisions are communicated promptly. As a result, board members are fully informed and actively included in the decision-making process. Financial Prudence Restored: Budgets underwent scrutiny, wasteful spending was curtailed, and reserves were built. Our financial health improved as the board and A La Carte Gestion Condo worked in unison. Streamlined Processes and Communication: Toni redefined our processes. Clear protocols were established, and timely responses became the norm. A tracking software ensures that requests from co-owners or the board no longer vanish into thin air. Guiding Novices: As a board of novices, we found a patient guide in Toni. He patiently explained condo management intricacies, legal obligations, and best practices. Together, we learned and grew. In summary, Toni, Bruna, and their team not only rectified past shortcomings but also empowered us to steer our community toward prosperity. Transparency, organization, and cooperation now define our building. Kudos to A La Carte Gestion for this positive transformation!"

Nick Muro

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