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Our Services

Depending on your situation and your needs, we adapt to you.

Condo A La Carte has a team of experienced real estate professionals in management, negotiation and implementation of projects. We offer a wide range of services.​

  • Board meetings

  • Accounting & records

  • Administration and management of the condominium (balance sheets, budget estimates, statements of income, debts and debt status)

  • Personnel Management

  • Insurance, contracts

With our extensive network, we help you select professional contractors & suppliers, get the best bids & monitor them in their On-site performance. (Required for preservation of the building)​

  • Set up a custom maintenance service book

  • Establishment and monitoring of a preventive maintenance plan

  • Allocate budgets for building maintenance

  • Periodic inspection and certification of the state of the

  • Negotiation with suppliers and quality control of the works and services received maintenance plumbing, heating, etc.building

  • Preparing specifications, analysis of tenders

  • Surveillance

  • Emergency Service

Repairing a roof, re-paving a parking lot or even getting a government grant for a renovation project is not simple.

  • Planning

  • Conception

  • Implementation

  • Completion

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